the importance of delivering well

In general, people like to be think they have the ability to assess risk… you see it in kids jumping over puddles, you see it in adults with the stock market. Society looks up to those who’ve taken a measured gamble and won, and there are few greater drives than to avoid taking a risk and losing.

Think about in terms of what you offer to the market. You pitch your product in a certain way, trying to convince the buyer to take a risk on you.

If you deliver or over-deliver on your pitch, you’re doing more than being honest and integrity with your offering – you are tapping into that innate satisfaction a buyer gets when they take a risk and it pays off.

Conversely, should you disappoint, your customer isn’t only dissatisfied, they are disappointed, perhaps even a little ashamed of the fact that they’ve incorrectly judged a risk and it not paid off.

How well you deliver is important. Make sure that, in amongst all of your effort to market, that you deliver in a way that will make your customers happy that they decided to take a risk on you.

Casey John Ellis

Casey John Ellis

founder bugcrowd and, keynote speaker, security strategist

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