your idea sucks

tl;dr: I love your idea. I want to hear about your idea. Please, do not interpret this post as me stifling your idea. But an idea without a commitment to execution is useless… at best an interesting conversation over a beer or a coffee. Don’t let that be your idea. Commit yourself to executing well.

Your idea sucks.

It’s just not that great.

I’m sorry.

Someone, somewhere has already had it, and someone, somewhere is probably already working on it.

You’ll be OK though.

Most VC firms and angels WILL NOT SIGN AN NDA until a term sheet is seriously being considered. Why is that?

Because they’ve already heard your idea that day, and they don’t want to give you the ability to come after them legally when they fund the other guy and not you.

Ideas are fun. I love them. I really, really, really love them… But if the pursuit of ideas comes at the expense of a commitment to execution you have ceased being an entrepreneur. You are a hobbyist. Entrepreneurship is about actualising ideas into successful enterprises. For an enterprise to be successful it needs to be self sustaining, otherwise the enterprise (and thus the underpinning idea) will fail. Don’t be that guy/girl.

Some thoughts:


Casey John Ellis

Casey John Ellis

founder bugcrowd and, keynote speaker, security strategist

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