my moves for rsac2020 & bsidessf week

Deep breaths, because here we go again!!!

The full list of Bugcrowd events can be found here… We’ve got a lot on this week, so check it out, brush up your calendars, and we’ll see you out there!

The second busiest cybersecurity week in the USA, and definitely the biggest in my home town of San Francisco, is just beginning. It’s always a busy and frenetic week with lots of opportunities to catch up with old friends and meet new ones (but it’s also the kind of week where my calendar looks like someone has fired a shotgun at it…).

So, here are my rough moves for the week. If you see me please feel welcome to come up, say hello, and grab whatever stickers and swag I’m toting at the time - and if you’d like to meet try to connect @caseyjohnellis (DMs are open) or via Signal.







See you in the village!

Casey John Ellis

Casey John Ellis

founder bugcrowd and, keynote speaker, security strategist

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