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unsubscribe me

Here’s a fresh challenge for a lovely Wednesday afternoon…

I don’t know about you, but I get sent a lot of marketing stuff via email. I’m not talking about spam, I’m talking about newsletters, blog digests, special offers, and so on. Stuff that I have opted in to at some point and that genuinely interests me – I’d read it all if I had the time.

And there’s the problem. I found myself at the point where my mental direction was held hostage to the last piece of marketing guff I read.

I read somewhere that it can take anywhere up to 40 minutes for your brain to recover from distraction and resume what it was previously doing… Add it all together and this becomes a huge waste of time in my day. Can you relate?


Instead of trashing, foldering, or flagging this barrage of information for later cunsumption (which never quite happens, adding to the stress and ill feeling of it all) do the brave thing – UNSUBSCRIBE. From everything. Yes, everything. Anything that is not life threateningly important, click the little link at the bottom or hit reply with UNSUBSCRIBE in the title like it asks you to. Go through your trash, your “stuff” folder, where ever it all winds up for you, put an hour aside and UNSUBSCRIBE.

Put an hour aside and UNSUBSCRIBE… That’s almost a jingle right there..