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the return of the blog

My two year old has this expression that she busts out whenever I’ve been away for too long – it’s goes “Daddy I MISS you…”. That’s kind of how I feel, with all of the crazy stuff that has been going on over the past little while it’s been hard to find time to blog… But I’m back baby. The goal is to blog at least three times a week on stuff that you’ll either find interesting, helpful, or both – This post is my “Interwebz I MISS you…!”

And what an interesting few months it has been…

Apart from my wife an I purchasing a house (woohoo!) and beginning renovations (not so woohoo… but still exciting) I have moved from being an employee of someone else’s company to a full time employee of my own (WOOHOO!) and have seen the Tall Poppy Group’s revenue increase by 150% and its subcontractor base by 400%.

Things are really picking up, and we are trying hard to decide what we should be focusing our efforts on… That’s one of the difficulties of when you’ve got something that starts to take off – There comes a point where you need to look and everything and work out what’s actually profitable vs what you are doing merely because you think you SHOULD. More in this later.

Keep an eye out, while this post is short and sweet we are back into the swing of things again, I promise.